Dear parents / guardians;

Your child will be coming home today with a letter today to tell you about a big school change. We have been given extra staffing from the district to create a 9th class in our school. We have welcomed this change because we will have 
• smaller class sizes (each class will have about 3 fewer students)
• improved class composition (we are able to spread out students with extra academic or behaviour needs between a greater number classes).

This will mean that teachers will be better able to meet the needs of ALL of the students in his/her class.

We are fortunate that Ms. Freeland, who was sharing a class with Mrs. Holland, will now have her own class.

The difficulty with this change is that we have to move students from classes and teachers where they have already settled in. The teaching staff met earlier this week to make decisions about which students to move, and we are confident that our changes will be what is best for the entire school. We worked hard to only have to move 36 students across the whole school.

It’s important for all of us; parents, teachers, and myself to focus on the positive of this change so the kids feel it is a good thing. If you have questions or concerns, please see me in the school office or email me at

We will be beginning in these new classes on the morning of Thursday, October 1. Thanks for your ongoing cooperation and support


Kyle Timms

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Being pink means more than just wearing a pink shirt on a day in February.  It means taking care of your friends and not being a bystander when your see a conflict. At Courtenay Elementary we have caring, compassionate students who are building a pink community one day at a time.  

How will you be pink today, tomorrow and every day?

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