Big changes coming... sticky icon

Our school is in the beginning phases of two very exciting major projects. 

The first is a complete re-wiring and installation of a new computer network.  We have had three electircians 

installing new blue cables to every computer in the school and connecting them in the biggest puzzle I`ve ever seen!  Once they are done, the computer technicians will follow with all new desktop computers, server, and wifi.  This will allow our students and teachers to acccess and learn even more effectively through technology.

The next HUGE project is the complete re-cladding of the outside of the school.  The design was done my architect Martin Hagarty.  They will start in April at the front of the school and spend the next 2-3 summers making our school look better than brand new.  The students, staff and parents chose blue and orange as the accent colours.

BE PINK! sticky icon

Being pink means more than just wearing a pink shirt on a day in February.  It means taking care of your friends and not being a bystander when your see a conflict. At Courtenay Elementary we have caring, compassionate students who are building a pink community one day at a time.  

How will you be pink today, tomorrow and every day?

Garden Gate Project

See the progress of our 

Garden Gate Project 

supported by ArtStarts


Bell times 2014-1015

Doors open: 8:30
Welcome bell:  8:35
School starts:  8:40
Recess: 10:00-10:15
Lunch play time:  11:45-12:10
Lunch eating time: 12:10-12:30
Dismissal: 2:30


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